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posted 2 years ago

"Mexico girl’s" One Direction Story

“Okay so for the directioners asking for it here you go … here goes the story of the best 2 days of my life :) 
I flew from mexico to Europe over the summer and took a connection flight in france to get to the UK … I got on the 26 at like 11 pm and went to my hotel with my family… My mom told me she wasnt gonna investigate how to get to the ITV studios so i had to do that on my own. I grabbed a map, and tried to find the studios and with lines of the tube i had to take. Next day first thing in the morning i woke up and got a shower, straightened my hair, nd put so make up on. I was ready by half 8. The boys were gonna be at the studios by 6 pm. My family suddenly decided they didnt like the hotel we were staying at so heres quoting my mom “we are not leaving until we find another hotel” I wanted to shoot myself. I wasn’t allowed to go on my own to the studios cause I was in a foreign coutry. It was 1:30 pm and I finally left the hotel. When I got to the studios there were like 200 girls on the front of the studios, with posters and t-shirts and all sort of stuff. And then there was me with just my book since they weren’t famous over here cause this was before WMYB. So I went to the security guy and looked at him with puppy eyes I was like “hey I come all over from mexico please its really important for me to meet them, are they gonna come out on here or on the back of the building” and he was like “the back of the building” so I started walking towards the back and there were like 500 girls and I was thinking “theres not a hope for me meeting them here” The fence was filled with girls. I stood right in front of the back entrance to the studios and there were like 20 girls in front of me, then I had to wait. We waited for 4 hours for the boys to arrive. When it was like 5 pm I took out the Mexican flag from my bag and came up with an idea. I managed to get to the front of the girls and asked one of them “ hey can I put the Mexican flag on the fence? It will help by getting the boys close to here” She just looked at me and said “ no offence but we’ve been here since 6 am, and it would be really annoying if all the attention was on you. I don’t care how far you’ve travelled to see them” one of her friends just said it was okay and put the flag on the fence. To much of the other girls disappointment. At 6 all the 200 girls that were on the front came running to the back shouting “THEYRE HERE!!” I swear ive never been as excited in all my life. They started pushing everyone towards the fence and somehow I ended up with only 2 girls in front of me. Then like 3 min later a girl shouted “theyre there!!!” They were on the second floor though a glass corridor. That was the first ever time I saw them in person, after a year of being a fan. I got so excited tears started rolling down my face. I couldn’t believe they were so close to me. Minutes later they appeared outside and all the hysteria got worse!. Then Paul (their manager) shouted “5 minutes boys!!” I remember the first thing I though was like “ we are 700, they have 5 minutes ive got no chances” then suddenly zayn was like half a meter away from me. First thing that got to my mind was the excuse that I was from mexico so I shouted. “HEY! ZAYN! Im from mexico!!” He was like “mexico?!!” and I was like yea!! (he was signing my book) (we were kinda shouting bcuz of all the screams)
Me: hey zayn can you please sign my flag?, 
Z: What flag?
Me: the one that’s on the fence XD the Mexican flag! ¨* he looked down at the fence and looked at me worried* 
Z- theres no flag :S
Me- what do you mean theres no flag? I put it there .S
Z- please give me the flag! Security is coming for me please! Quick!
Me- zayn I swear its there please look for it! * he got on his knees and started looking for the flag in the ground :’) BLESS HIM!!, he got up and looked at me worried and sad and was like 
Z- sorry! I cant find it :S 
Then the security came and grabbed him he took him away from me and then Zayn just turned around and shoutes “im sorry” he was really sad, he thought he had let me down, but no he didn’t. 
After that the boys had to go in and do the interview , my mom was really tired so I told her we could go back to our hotel and then I could go to their hotel tomorrow. When we were at the tube station I remembered I left the flag back at the studios , so I told my mom we had to go back. Something she wasn’t really happy about. When we got to the studios again, I found the flag on the ground. One of the girls had taken it down cuz she wanted all the attention for herself, that was why he couldn’t find it -.- 
I decided to wait till the end of the interview cuz the boys said they were coming out when they finished. So there were 3 hours more of wait , but they were worth it. The boys came out at half 9. Niall and lou coming directly towards us. Niall was really close so I shouted “Niall I come from mexico!!” 
Me- yea!!
N- how long was the flight???!
Me- 13 hours !
N- that’s amazing! Really! Thanks a lot! Do you want me to pass your book to lou so he can sign it? ¨*Lou was like a meter away from him talking to one of the girls*
Me- yes please! Can you please take the flag? 
N- what flag? *by this time I had gotten it back and had it myself, I threw it at him*
N- can I keep it ?
Me- YEA!! *he kissed the flag and started shouting*
N- VIVA MEXICO! VIVA MEXICO!! *the security guy started getting closet o take him to other place* 
N- ill take care of it I promise, I know how much it means to you XD! Bye Mexican fan!!
Me- byee!!!!
*Lou was in front of me by now* 
Lou- So… youre from mexico?!!! ¨*he said handing me the book* 
Me- yea * just as I was about to start conversation with him the security guy grabbed him and took him to another place. I was so pissed!!!, but just then I looked to the left and there was harry!!*
Me- Harry! I come from mexico!!! *by this time he had signed my book and all of the girls were shouting to him so that he could sign their papers, he did but was looking at me … and yea I swear I wanted to die!!! I was making eye contact with him = Le dead!, he kept signing paper while talking to me but he wasn’t looking at the papers but at me :’) * 
H- what?!
H- mexico?!!
Me- yea!! I gave niall the flag!
H- what flag?
Me- the Mexican flag I took a 13 hour flight to get here
H- to Dublin?! * I hav no idea why he understook Dublin!*
Me- haha no! to get here!! 
H- oh right!! That’s amazing! 
Me- can I take a pic with you?
H- of course! *he grabbed my phone and took the picture, while this happened I touched his hair, honestly don’t blame me, he was so close there was no way I wasn’t gonna touch his hair haha it was soooooooo SOFT!!!!!! And he looked absolutely gorgeous!!*
H- so mexico! That reminds me of … TACOS!!!
*I cracked up laughing*
H- theyre my favourite food! I love them!
Me- haha well when you come to mexico , call me and we can go out for some tacos!
H- that sounds cool! Whats ur number? 
I panicked :S I regret it so much now but I panicked and changed the subject
Me- yea tacos are cool!! 
*this caught him off guard, I suppose he was shocked that a girl hadn’t gave him her number*
H- so… whos missing to sing your book?
Me- liam 
*H looked for liam and he was like 40 m away!!*
H- if I go away, will you still be here?
Me- what do you mean?
H- if I go find liam, will you stay here?
Me- sure
H- okay please pass me your book, I swear I wont be long!! Just stay here okay? Cuz otherwise I wont be able to find you *he took the book at ran to get liam to sign it*
(all the girls that were in that section wanted to kill me I swear, if looks could kill I wouldn’t be here today haha) Then the girl beside me was like “OMG! Ive met him like 8 times and he’s never done that for anyone!! You lucky bitch” if im honest I couldn’t believe it myself!!
1 minute later H was back He started walking towards the section and I was like, im not gonna shout lets see if he recognizes me. So he started looking through the crowd and found me I was like OMG HE REMEMBERS MY FACE!! Hahaha and he was about to give me the book and looked at the cover 
H- hey!! That’s not fair! Liam signed the cover!!! Wait a sec! *signs cover* better now, here you go *le dying*
When he gave it back I took his hand
Me- thanks harry! I love you!!
H- love you too!!!
Me- and remember mexico loves you!
H- we love mexico! *he had to go*
Then on the group pic Liam was holding the flag XD

When I was going back to the tube station the van of 1d passed by, and harry was on the front, they hunked the horn and harry waved goodbye and blew me a kiss which immediately killed me for like the 5th time that day!

(next day) 
After waiting for like 4 or 5 hours the boys were allowed to come out. *there were 3 girls in front of me this time talking to liam¨*
Me – liam! Im the girl from mexico!!! *liam stopped talking to them¨*
Liam- youre the one from the flag?! You were there yesterday?
Me- yea! That’s me!!
Liam- wow! Thanks so much!!! I wasn’t able to meet you yesterday! But I saw the flag and 2 certain someones wouldn’t shut up about you. 
Me- really? Who?
Liam- haha not telling! I love mexico! Fajitas are yum! And a pal got married in mexico! Beautiful country 
Me- thanks liam!! *he signed my notebook* 
Me- can I take a pic?
Liam- sure * he looks troubled towards the other 3 fans trying to figure out how to get close to me for the pic¨*
Liam- girls, I don’t wanna sound rude but … can you guys please move? She comes all the way from mexico and I wanna take a pic with her … *me = dead, I got close to him and gave him my phone, takes pic*
Me- thanks liam *hug him and he had Armani lotion in case you wondered!!* 
Liam- no problem! Thank you for coming all the way over here really! Its amazing!
Me - :’) *I had some notes in my hand*
Liam- you want me to take them? 
Me – please * I give them to him and he notices “harry” written on my hand*
Liam - :O you’re fav is harry? ( he was kinda sad … I felt so bad!!!) 
Me- no liam!! I love all of you! A friend wrote that (she actually did!) 
Liam- no no its okay XD I get it 
Me- liam im serious haha I love all of you! I promise!!
*he laughs* 
Liam- haha okay ill pretend I believe you , but just so you know … niall and harry where those certain someones! Especially harry he was like “she flew all the way here!! And was really nice!!” 
Me- awww, can you please help me get a pic with everyone of you?
Liam- ill do my best, but unfortunately harry is sick, so he wasn’t allowed to come out now :S
Me- oh tell him I say get well soon
Liam- will do, he’ll be happy to hear you came *guard starts pulling him* 
Liam- OI LOU!! Come over here! It’s the girl from mexico!!! *liam is taken to the car* 
Lou- hello there!! Youre the girl I couldn’t speak to yesterday?
Me- yea!
Lou- sorry about that really! It was the security guard
Me- dw I understand
Lou- wait a second are you really from mexico?! 
Me- yea!
Lou- but you speak English! *joking*
Me- yea! USA is beside mexico!
Lou- but you sound british!! ( I studied a year at Ireland) 
Me- haha Hola como estas?
Lou – hahah okay ¡ i believe you xd!! Thanks for coming all the way here really!
Me- no problem … can I take a pic with you? 
Lou- sure babe 
*takes pic, and I hug him¨*
Me- hey lou, is it true what liam said?
Lou-. What did he say?
Me- that a certain someone talked about me on the car?
Lou- who harry?
Me- yea
Lou- yep! 
Me- thanks! *security started taking him away*
Lou- bye babe! Lovely meeting you!
*they were all in the car already, zayn was the last one to get on it. The van was like 10 meters or 15 meters away*
Me ´shouting* - Zayn! Im the girl from mexico!!
¨he got out of the van* (girls scream) thoughts going through my head ¨”there is no way he got out of the van for me he obviously forgot something in his room!” he started walking towards us 
*girls screaming* OMG ! HES COMING BACK FOR YOU!!! 
Z- whos the one from mexico?!
Me- ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Z- let her through please!!
Me- hi zayn!
Z- hey babe! You are the one of the flag right?
Me- yea
Z- sorry I couldn’t find it yesterday! I really looked for it, and then I saw niall had it in the car
Me- yea dw about it, the girl took it off of the fence
Z- she really did that?!!
Me- yea
Z- she should be ashamed of herself! You flew all the way here and she did that? 
Me- dw about it now, youre here 
Z- I am!
Me- can I take a pic with you? 
Z- sure! 
*he takes my phone* dunno y but I was kinda shy around him so for the pic I was kinda far away from him, he looked at me and smiled
Z- hey! Don’t be shy XD! Come closer!! 
*he pulled me towards him and touched heads, takes pic* Le dying *again!!!*
Z- what you did is amazing really! We wont forget you!
Me- its nothing really 
Z- please promote us in mexico! We wanna go there someday XD… hope you like our first single. Its amazing to think you are all the way here and we haven’t even had our first single out!
Me- yea , but I bet ill love it 
Z- thanks love
*guard screams* - ZAYN HURRY UP!!!!!
*Z got mad and shouted back¨* Z- WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Z- well as you can see I really have to go :S but it was lovely meeting you 
*hug him and he had Hugo Boss lotion… btw I think Louis had Armani as well he smelled like liam when I hugged him¨* 
Me- bye zayn!! 
Z- bye Mexican fan XD!!! 
And yea then he got in the van and they had to go … so theres my story XD hope i didnt bore you :S but its the best experience ive ever had XD much love to you all”

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posted 2 years ago